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Do Your Demands Include Pre-Op and Post-Op Services?

Aug 15, 2017

If not, they should. Pre-op services and post-op services can be incredibly costly.

We regularly find that doctors’ estimates for surgeries are three to five times lower than what the patient ends up being charged. A good portion of what’s missing from doctors’ estimates are pre-op and post-op services.

Charges for pre-op services, including surgery consults, MRIs, and blood work can add up to thousands of dollars. These items are rarely included in demands, which means personal injury clients are getting charged for services that weren’t covered by the settlement. Post-op services, likewise, can get expensive in a hurry. Everything from follow-up radiology to physical therapy and chiropractic care are medically necessary to get your client back on their feet, but they are rarely included in demands.

Complete Estimates & Accurate Demands are Easy with AccuMed

Anyone can get an incomplete estimate from a doctor. Few can get accurate estimates that include all the expenses incurred for the surgery itself, plus the many pre-op and post-op services.

We specialize in quantifying what seems unquantifiable, and answering questions that seem to lead to dead ends, like “What will a knee replacement cost in twenty years?” and “How much will medicine for long-term pain management cost?”

Spend Less Time Sorting Through Medical Bills

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