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A Solution When a Medical Lien Company is Out of the Question

Nov 14, 2017

Using a medical lien company may not be a financing option when a case has low limits. Ensure that your client truly understands all the costs associated with their future medical care by getting an AccuMed report. For example, your client has been advised to undergo an arthroscopic shoulder surgery. The Orthopedic surgeon’s estimate may only be $6,000 but do you know how much the radiology, anesthesiology, facility, and post-op costs are? An all-inclusive arthroscopic shoulder estimate from AccuMed may range from $25,000 to over $50,000.

What is a Future Needs Report?

A Future Needs report is a customizable and complete estimate for medical or surgical treatment. No more calling individual providers for estimates! AccuMed is a once-stop-shop for estimates.

We can provide an accurate and reasonable value of your client’s medical damages by using national databases with more than 40 million medical records.

Try AccuMed Express

If a medical lien company is out of the question, AccuMed can help. AccuMed Express allows you to order a comprehensive Future Needs report in just four steps:

  1. Create a free AccuMed Express account
  2. Enter your client’s information
  3. Add the procedure(s) to your request by searching for:
    • Keywords or CPT codes OR
    • Use our intuitive visual search feature, which allows you to select a body region (spine, hip, hand, neck, etc.) and browse through hundreds of procedures (with descriptions)
  4. Customize your report by adding pharmaceuticals (name, quantity, duration) 

In most cases, ordering reports takes less than 15 minutes and can be ready within 24 hours.

Order Your Future Needs Report

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