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The Challenging Nature of Future Medical Damages

May 10, 2017

When an individual is injured, the first thing that often comes to mind is the cost of medical treatment and the burden it will have on them and their family. One of the underlying issues is the capacity of the healthcare industry. In what other industry do you not know what you’ll be billed until after you receive a service? Physicians may know what they charge, but what about the facility, anesthesiologist, related medications, and physical therapy? Attorneys and paralegals working personal injury and work comp cases know this struggle all too well. This is where we come in to provide unbiased clarity and insight.

Why Future Needs are a Challenge

The primary challenge attorneys and paralegals face when creating accurate future needs estimates is the time investment necessary. You need to determine the primary procedure, any procedures associated with that (i.e. a pre-op consultation, radiological exams or post-op physical therapy), any medications that may be prescribed, and the list goes on. Doing this for every case is daunting and takes your focus off the more important aspects of the case.

Another major difficulty is the paucity of accurate charge data to support the claim.  Outside of tracking down numerous providers individually to get estimates, there isn’t a clear path to finding the information needed. This often leads to limited data which can leave the estimates incomplete and indefensible.

If only there were a way to save the leg work of calling providers while also arming yourself with the data to back up your claims… there is!

Fast, Inexpensive Reports Backed by 40+ Million Medical Records

Our future needs estimates use a nationwide database of 40+ million medical records to create a report that allows the numbers to speak for themselves. Our work helps to lighten the load of attorneys and paralegals while also providing a more detailed and defensible cost projection. In other words, we allow you to focus on what you’re best at rather than chasing down medical estimates.

Proven Effectiveness

Attorneys have reported 77% of cases with AccuMed reports settle for limits. Furthermore, these cases settle for 6.4x prior meds on average; putting more money in your client’s pockets.

The experts at AccuMed Healthcare Research provide detailed future medical needs estimates that are based on actual bills from providers in the patient’s area. Our reports effectively demonstrate the reasonable value of medical bills, both for prior incidents and future needs. To learn more, visit our homepage today!

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