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Win Full Credit Now for a Later Surgery with a Future Needs Report

Dec 04, 2017

If your client won’t need surgery for several more years, but you need to win full credit now, the first step is including all future medical damages in your demands. A Future Needs Report from AccuMed makes it quick and easy.

What is a Future Needs Report?

If your client has joint failure, they may not need surgery now, but they will at some point down the line. Determining the exact procedures necessary and how much they will cost in five years in your geographic area can be a challenge, as can getting full credit for your demands. Our Future Needs Reports, which rely on our proprietary database of over 40 million medical records, make it easy.

Use AccuMed Express Today

AccuMed Express allows you to quickly identify the procedures your client needs. Then we we build the entire course of treatment for you and return your comprehensive Future Needs Report. The entire process, from account creation to customization takes about 15 minutes. 

How Does a Future Needs Report Work?

AccuMed Express allows you to order a comprehensive Future Needs report in just four steps:

  1. Create a free AccuMed Express account
  2. Enter your client’s information
  3. Add the procedure(s) to your request by searching for:
    • Keywords or CPT codes OR
    • Use our intuitive visual search feature, which allows you to select a body region (spine, hip, hand, neck, etc.) and browse through hundreds of procedures (with descriptions)
  4. Customize your report by adding pharmaceuticals (name, quantity, duration)

In most cases, ordering reports takes less than 15 minutes and can be ready within 24 hours. 

Order Your Future Needs Report

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