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Don’t Eat The Bruises – Keith Mitnik

Jun 01, 2020

Webinar was a great success! Thank you to all who joined us, and thank you to Keith Mitnik for his great insight! If you would like to access the webinar, please reach out to

Exploiting juror bias, taking things out of context, and overemphasizing imperfections at trial are all “bruises”, cheap tricks that the defense uses to distract from facts and well constructed cases. Mitnik offers strategies for dealing with these issues in jury selection, opening statement, and beyond, with a heavy focus on dismantling defenses based on bias, sympathy, and prejudice at the very beginning of your case.

As senior counsel for Morgan and Morgan Law Firm, Keith has a unique courtroom philosophy and dedication to the art of crafting a winning argument.

“Keith Mitnik is an ‘in the courtroom’ trial lawyer. He is encouraging us all to realize we can be the same. This is going to be my firm’s new handbook!”
-Paul Byrd, Past President of the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association

“Keith Mitnik is the kind of down-home trial lawyer who comes along once in a lifetime. He doesn’t just try cases, he knows how to teach trial lawyers to win.”
-Bob Kelley, Member of the American Board of Trial Advocates

“Keith Mitnik’s, Don’t Eat the Bruises, is destined to be a masterwork in the pantheon of trial practice literature. It’s a must-read, must-use, must-reread manual on the righteous fight!”
-Russ Herman, Past President of the American Association for Justice

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