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Case Spotlight: October 2016

May 04, 2017

Case Background: 47 year old business owner living in northern Colorado was involved in a high velocity sideswipe collision and injured his hip.

Challenges: Plaintiff did not go to the doctor for four months following the collision.  After surgery was recommended, plaintiff did not have surgery performed because he was apprehensive about its effect on his ability to perform his job duties.  Thus, plaintiff had very limited medical treatment and the past medical bills (approximately $12,000) did not reflect the severity of his injuries.

Solutions: Plaintiff’s counsel obtained a partial estimate for the surgery from the billing department of the surgeon’s office.  However, this only included the surgeon’s fee. AccuMed was asked to complete an analysis of the cost of the recommended hip surgery that included future costs for radiology, anesthesia, the surgery center, and post-operative therapy. Mr. Stoll was not only able to successfully argue that this injury was related to the collision after minimal and intermittent treatment but also that a future surgery was critical to his client’s full recovery.

Outcome: Case settled with the BI insurer for $100,000 (policy limits).  Mr. Stoll then initiated a breach of contract action against his client’s UIM carrier. The UIM carrier ultimately settled for $150,000 (new money) shortly before trial.  Total settlement amount was $250,000 on just $12,000 in medical bills.

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