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Anesthesiologist Charges: Get Maximum Credit for your Clients

Aug 22, 2017

If your personal injury client needs a future surgery, you need a medical estimate to send to the insurance company.

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Do Your Demands Include Pre-Op and Post-Op Services?

Aug 15, 2017

If not, they should. Pre-op services and post-op services can be incredibly costly. We regularly find that doctors’ estimates for

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Facility Bills: Why Your Clients’ Surgery Estimate Should Include Them

Jul 30, 2017

Your client has been injured in an auto accident. They have received a surgery estimate from a doctor and you

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What is the Reasonable Value of Medical Care?

May 19, 2017

  A plaintiff in a personal injury case deserves compensation for both past and future medical services required to treat

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The Challenging Nature of Future Medical Damages

May 10, 2017

When an individual is injured, the first thing that often comes to mind is the cost of medical treatment and

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Case Spotlight: October 2016

May 04, 2017

Case Background: 47 year old business owner living in northern Colorado was involved in a high velocity sideswipe collision and injured

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Case Spotlight: December 2016

Case Background: Husband, wife and two children were involved in a collision while changing a blow out caused by a defective

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5 Strategies Insurers Use to Reprice Medical Bills (And How to Combat Them)

Insurance companies have long employed various strategies to reduce or eliminate medical damages owed to claimants. A medical bill review

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Case Spotlight: Work Comp Meets Personal Injury

Case Background: The plaintiff, a 25 year old solar panel installer, was a passenger in a low speed collision while

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