Are you getting full credit for your clients’ medical damages?

Attorneys that work with us find our reports effectively demonstrate the reasonable value of medical bills; both for prior meds and future needs.


Use our reports, and objections over medical damages will disappear.

You should be focusing on the difficult aspects of your case, not how much a hospital bill should cost. 

Leave that part up to us. 

How do we do this?

Our airtight and unbiased process uncovers the real reasonable value of medical claims:

We carefully wade through our nationwide database of 40+ million medical records to find providers who’ve performed specific surgeries in your local area and what they charge for it.

This means you get incredibly accurate surgery estimates because our reports are based on actual bills in your area.

For historical medical bills, we carefully review each bill and find providers near the patient that have performed similar procedures. These reports organize all the bills into an easy-to-read, concise-but-detailed report.

Will they stand up in court?

You bet! Our COO is a qualified expert witness and will back our claims in your trial. We also work with medical experts already testifying in your case. We give them reports they can rely on. 

Sound too good to be true?


How these reports can impact your case


We uncovered a 5x difference in reasonable value

A recent client had us double check their doctor’s estimate for a hospital stay. The doctor’s estimation of $15,000 turned out to be significantly lower than the reasonable value we found of $75,000.

Are you unknowingly making the same mistakes?

We prevented a client from being overcharged by $13k

One of our clients was suspicious of a radiology bill so he had us run some numbers on it. Our analysis proved he was right, the hospital overcharged his client by nearly 200%. Using our report he was able to successfully argue for a reduction, putting $13,000 directly in his client’s pocket.

Are your clients being overcharged for services?


I’m very happy to inform you that we were able to reach a good resolution for our client in this case. The disputed issue was the cost of the surgical center, which the insurer had previously estimated to be $6,000. AccuMed was able to establish the actual cost of the surgery center to be $83,781.
— Denver based Personal Injury Attorney

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Products & Services


Detailed reports of surgical estimates for hundreds of medical procedures. Reports include all expected services (e.g. doctors' appointments, MRIs, hospital stays, rehab, etc.) and are based on actual bills from providers in the patient's area.

Expert Witness Services

We stand by our work and will go to trial for you if an equitable settlement isn't reached.


Reports that review a patient's prior medical bills and arrive at the reasonable value for these services in their area.

Data Analytics Services

We offer a variety of custom data analytics services related to healthcare costs by zip code. Basically, if it can be medically coded we can analyze it.


Future Needs reports are a flat fee of $950 and are available 5 days after your request.

BillValue reports are priced based on the amount of bills requested to be analyzed. Typical reports cost between $1,000 and $1,500. To get exact pricing for your bills please call us at 844.307.4487.




Why would I pay for estimates when I can get them from providers?

Simply put, when firms put together their own estimates, they are  often inaccurate or incomplete for two reasons.

1) Not enough sources are checked

Paralegals often call providers to get estimates for claims. The problem is they are doing this one-by-one, which leads to a wide range of estimates from different providers. This creates inaccuracies because they are only pulling data from a few sources instead of many.

Paralegals and other report creators just don’t have access to the volume of medical records needed for proper analysis which gets consistently accurate estimates.

2) Pieces of the medical estimate are completely left out

Your staff is built up of attorney's and paralegals, not doctors. This means often pieces of the medical claims are overlooked and completely left out!

To make matters worse...

  • Truly accurate reports are time consuming to create.
  • They also need to be credible and hold up in court
  • You often can’t find the estimates needed to create a surgery estimate reflecting reasonable value
  • You often can’t get credit for future medical needs because you don’t have solid evidence of what they cost

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